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Unfortunately, your limited warranty with The Hot Tub Supercentre is now no longer valid due to the closure.

However please see below TubCare have offered to cover the limited warranty for all customers of TheHotTubSupercentre should they be signed up to the O-Care water care subscription plan, which is from £19.99 a month. By being signed up to this, this will then replace your limited warranty.

View PDF document of limited warranty here.

In addition to this you will receive a bonus in that you will also qualify for a FULL LIFETIME warranty on all your tub pumps (parts only). So for example in 6 years if a pump fails then the cost of the actual pump to you would be £0. The reason for being able to do so is the water care treatment looks after your spa parts and plumbing which will keep your tub in much better condition mechanically. Should you wish to take TubCare up on this subscription plan offer as well as maintain your hot tub limited warranty then please click below to complete the sign up form and you will be contacted by TubCare to finalise your subscription and to have your warranty status updated. Please note that this offer will cease on


Should you not wish to sign up to O-Care and are happy to just get repairs or parts as you go into the future, then The Tub Shop is an available option within Scotland that can assist with this going forward, so please save this site

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