TubHelp: Why Won't My Chlorine Level Rise?

A sanitizer, by definition, is a product used to get rid of pathogens like bacteria. When it comes to a hot tub, a sanitizer does just that. It eliminates bacteria, algae and other contaminants from your water so that you can safely enjoy your spa. 

Spa owners do have a choice when it comes to sanitizers but TheHotTubSupercentre recommends using chlorine granules. These chlorine granules are easy to add to your hot tub water and are effective at killing the things you do not want in your water. 

But what happens when you can’t keep your chlorine in the proper range?

A HTS customer recently reached out, asking about how to increase the chlorine level in her swim spa.

“What can be done to make sure that our swim spa is safe to use?”

Chlorine is an important part of hot tub water care. Your total chlorine level should be between 2 and 4 ppm.

| Water Care Basics

Routine water care is key to avoiding hot tub water problems. However, changes in how many people are using the spa, how long people are soaking, and other factors can affect the chemical levels of your spa. 

We recommend testing the water before you use it to make sure that the water is safe to get in. People should not get in the spa if the chlorine levels are out of range. Your total chlorine should be between 2 and 4 ppm.

When you are finished enjoying the hot tub or swim spa, treat the water to maintain proper pH and chlorine levels. Oftentimes, you can add a sanitizer, like chlorine, and let the jets run for 15 minutes.

| Increase Chlorine Level in Hot Tub

It can be frustrating to treat your swim spa or hot tub water only to see your chlorine levels keep dropping. 

But before you add yet another capful of chlorine to your hot tub, be sure to take measures to target the underlying cause. Biofilm, sunlight, and dirty water can render your sanitizer ineffective. 

| Shock Your Hot Tub Water

Shocking your spa water allows you to raise chlorine levels above the recommended amount for a brief period of time. By shocking the water, you remove organic compounds from the water, kill bacteria, remove bromamines or chloramines and reactivate the bromides in the spa for cleaner water.

We recommend that swim spa and hot tub owners shock their water once a week, after a party, or when you are struggling to keep chlorine levels in the proper range. 

| Balance Chemicals and Rinse Filter

Your sanitizer will be most effective when your spa chemicals are balanced and the filter is clean. If you are struggling to keep your chlorine levels from dropping, it’s important to make sure pH and total alkalinity are in proper range. Also, check your filter. It should be rinsed every 30 days but if you have been using your hot tub more than usual, it might need to be cleaned sooner.

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