SuperiorSpas are our fully American built range who demand excellence and meet every challenge with quality whilst keeping our products affordable. Superior pride ourselves on the reliability of the products and warranties. We offer a wide range of hot tubs and swim spas at a variety of price levels. No matter how many seats you’re looking for, and what type of functionality you need – we are able to help.

The Best Hydrotherapy Jets

All types and sizes!

         • Our Hot Tub Jets are made with quality materials

         • Highly chemical resistant: strong and durable jets

         • Much longer lifespan than standard jets

         • Enable greater massage performance

         • More efficient than standard jets

2" Directional Jets


Directional Jets

Rotational Jets


Adjustable 2″ Premier Jets.
These jets work great in groups, providing multiple points of massaging power in clusters to provide a wide-reaching massage.

These jets have an adjustable nozzle, allowing you to angle the powerful massaging stream whichever way you like. You can also turn these jets on and off to direct extra power to any seat you like, boosting efficiency and boosting your massage experience even further.

The whirling massage stream from these jets provides a more complex, constant movement for an engaging and soothing massage.

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Balboa pumps provide a powerful hydrotherapy massage through our varying jet types. Air valve controls on the edge of the shell, easily enabling the user to adjust the power of each individual seat to accommodate for an intense or relaxing hydrotherapy massage experience.

• Boosts your circulation and reduce strain on the heart

• Helps to burn fat faster

• Improves your ability to fall asleep faster and helps your sleeping pattern

• Reduces stress and anxiety

• Relieves headaches

• Lowers blood sugar and pressure

• Great for your skin

LED Lighting System

Our hot tub LED light system is a great way to change the mood of a spa session. Our lighting systems boast many different colour options, meaning you can create a vibrant or relaxing mood, depending on the moment. Features for different hot tubs include light up jets, fountains, waterfalls and underwater lights.

Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

Our hot tubs have been designed with efficiency as one of the top priorities, this has pushed the design even further in terms of performance, each pump is placed strategically inside the tub to have to push water to travel the least amount of distance.


Our hot tubs have high-density polyurethane foam sprayed on the tub shell and a 20mm layer of foiled insulation inside the side panels of the tub as standard. The most efficient of our tubs also include a layer of heavy-duty silvered plastic wrap inside the tub cavity and silvered foam in the base for optimum insulation.


Each hot tub sold includes an insulated cover, this cover can be used to speed up the heating times of the hot tubs and retains heat when covering the spa, so you can get to unwinding even quicker. 



Well, we are one of the UK's and Edinburgh's most trusted suppliers of hot tubs and saunas, distributing luxury hot tubs for the past 8 years and growing daily. With new showrooms across the UK currently being built to bring our popular ranges closer to everyone.


Starting with our phenomenal sales advisors to help pick the specific hot tub that'd suit your budget, specification and size, whether its; how many loungers you'd like, 13amp or 32amp hot tubs or even how many drink holders you'd like, we've got one to suit you. Following on with our installations team who are second-to-none, supply and fitting each hot tub with ease under all circumstances in only a couple hours. Along with our dedicated aftercare & support department, facilitating our own TubHelp site to answer any questions you have 24/7.

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